Understanding your child and the issues they face.

1Research has shown that children who report feeling connected to a parent are protected against many different kinds of health-risks, including early sexual activity.

What we offer.

  1. Becoming the Expert in Your Child’s Eyes (how to talk to your child about sex)
    Studies have shown that parents are truly the biggest influence in their child’s life regarding sexual activity. Yet many parents feel inadequate when it comes to talking to their child about this important subject. It is the desire of FutureImpact to equip parents with the knowledge, skills and tools to take the fear out of a sensitive but much needed topic. The 90-minute workshop will cover the purpose of a mission statement; what age is appropriate?; the danger of telling too much too soon and more.
  2. Surviving Your Teens Dating Years
    90-minute Parenting Workshop that will deal with these commonly asked questions from parents: Learn what influences your child’s decision to be sexually active…or not. Discover creative ways to train your child at any age to know appropriate behavior. Investigate the difference between sex and intimacy and how to teach your kids to have healthy friendships. Review refusal skills in dealing with negative peer pressure.
  3. Not My Kid
    This 60-minute workshop empowers parents to up their game in the child-rearing department when it comes to electronic devices and their adolescent children.  Topics will cover the understanding of brain development at this age and why it is important for parents to plug in versus bury their heads due to unfamiliarity with social media.  Additionally, information will be shared on the widespread concern of child sex trafficking with special focus on the use of media to lure children, predator tactics, what puts adolescents at increased risk, symptoms to watch for, and best of all, the greatest tip to help parents with their children in reducing the risk.

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