Future Impact offers the following programs:

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    Description: Presentation reviews the difference between relative and absolute truth; how the power of media influences our decisions and behavior; introduction and reasons for dating and the idea that a student may be dating someone else’s future spouse; what respect looks like in a relationship
    Grade: 6th
    Time: 45 minutes
  • You, Me and an STD
    Description: A fun presentation educating on the risks of sexual involvement. This is done through student-interactive activities which brings fun and humor in the classroom but also teaches the seriousness of STIs and how easily they are transmitted.
    Grade: 7th-9th
    Time: 45 minutes
  • FutureImpactLogoSM Your Future
    Description: The FutureImpact program focuses on healthy dating relationships with emphasis on sexual risk avoidance behavior.  We also highlight the many positive aspects of waiting for sex. We provide an upbeat, lifestyle changing message from which every student can benefit. Students will be challenged to think about their choices and the impact their choices may have on their future. Subjects covered are:

    • goal setting and boundaries
    • what is maturity
    • risks of pre-marital sex including STIs, pregnancy and emotional consequences
    • physical boundaries in a relationships
    • sex addiction and the brain (HS level only)
    • difference between and love and infatuation
    • refusal skills
    • opportunities to start over
      Grade: 7th-12th
      Time: 2 hours
  • ConstructionSafeLogo Relationships Under Construction – Teen Dating Violence
    Description: Program is designed to help young people understand the dangers of teen dating violence and equip them to guard against human sex trafficking. Real testimonies are shared, along with warning signs to look for and worksheets to assess their own relationships.
    Grade: 7th-10th (this includes 3 different programs for 7th, 8th, 9-10th)
    Time: 2 hours (for each)
  •  Perceptions – Exposing the Truth of Child Sex Trafficking * Discerning the Danger of Social Media
    Description: Formerly taught as Deceptions, this presentation was created to meet the growing need to inform teens and their parents of child sex trafficking in their own backyard along with internet dangers preying on their children. Subjects covered are:

    • Understanding scope of the problem
    • How to recognize coercion and manipulations, and expose the “grooming process”
    • Powerful testimony from a young victim who was lured into sex trafficking
    • Understanding the difference between health and unhealthy relationships
    • Exploring dangers of the internet and new technology
    • Understanding how social media plays a part in the lures of child sex trafficking and safety measures that can be taken.
    • Giving young people the resources to get help if they (or someone they know) is in danger

              Grade: 6th-12th
              Time: 2 hours