GONORRHEA (bacterial)

StreetName: Also known as The Clap.

You are at risk if…                    

Unprotected sex
Association of sex and alcohol
Multiple sex partners
History of previous STIs
HIV positive

Spread: Seminal and vaginal fluids through oral, anal and vaginal sex, mutual masturbation
Signs:  Sometimes no symptoms
Him: burning with urination; thick white discharge; scrotal swelling and redness

Her: 60% have no symptoms; burning with urination; irregular bleeding; vaginal discharge; abnormal menstrual bleeding; discomfort in the anal or rectal area.  
For both: If it is in the throat, there may either be no symptoms or a simple sore throat.
Your future risks:             Him: testicular pain and swelling; risk prostate cancer; inflammation of testes
Her: infertility; tubal pregnancies; pelvic scarring; infections of the cervix, vagina, and urethra; If left untreated, 10-40% of women may develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID):
For both: inflammation in anus/rectum (through anal sex); pharyngitis (through oral sex).
If left untreated, may infect joints causing arthritis; blood infections. Can be fatal if bacteria reaches the heart. In pregnant women, bacteria may spread to eyes of newborn causing a severe eye infection.
Now what?! Treatable with antibiotics. All sex partners of infected person must be treated as well.
See your doctor and get tested. You should get checked after each new sexual partner. Talk to your partner about past sexual history and exposure.
  Prevention: Avoid sexual activity if you are single. Be faithful to one uninfected partner for the rest of your life.