Herpes (viral)

StreetName: Also known as Cold sores, Fever Blisters.

You are at risk if… Unprotected sex
Association of sex and alcohol
Multiple sex partners
History of previous STIs
HIV positive
Oral sex
Spread: Direct skin-to-infected skin contact. Can be spread through oral, anal and vaginal sex, mutual masturbation, kissing
Signs:  May have no symptoms
Itching, burning, soreness, small blister-like sores
Generally appear approximately one week after being exposed
Enlarged lymph nodes in groin; headache, fever, “sick” feeling;
(60% have 4-6 occurrences per year)
Your future risks:             -Pregnancy complications
-Recurring infections
-Newborn infections
-Lifelong illness
-If spread to bloodstream it can cause widespread infection.
Now what?!: See your doctor and get tested. You should get checked after each new sexual partner. Talk to your partner about past sexual history and exposure.
Prevention: Avoid sexual activity if you are single. Be faithful to one uninfected partner for the rest of your life.