StreetName: Also known as Deadly Disease.

You are at risk if…

Unprotected sex
Association of sex and alcohol
Multiple sex partners
History of previous STIs

Spread: Spread via blood, sexual fluids through oral, anal (extremely risky) and vaginal sex
IV drug use 
Signs:  May have no symptoms in the beginning
Flu-like symptoms (most doctors and patients dismiss it as common cold/flu)
Night sweats
Easy bruising, weakness
Your future risks:     -AIDS (average time for HIV infection to progress to AIDS is 8-11 years with medication)
-Increase risk of contracting other STIs
-Increase risk of cancer
-Multiple infections
Now what?! No cure and a lifelong illness
Combination of anti-retroviral drugs to help immune system
See you doctor and get tested. You should get checked after each new sexual partner. Talk to your partner about past sexual history and exposure.
Prevention: Avoid sexual activity if you are single. Be faithful to one uninfected partner for the rest of your life.