SYPHILIS (bacterial)

StreetName: Also known as Syph, Pox, Bad Blood.

You are at risk if…                    

Early sexual experience
Multiple partners
Association of sex and alcohol
Partners having multiple partners
Vagina, anal, and/or oral sex

Spread: Seminal/vaginal fluids and saliva through oral, anal and vaginal sex; contact with sores
Signs:  Produces open ulcer that leak fluid; flu-like symptoms; rash typically on hands and feet
Your future risks:             If left untreated, can progress and cause blindness, brain damage, heart damage with the 4th stage ending in death. Pregnant women can pass bacteria to their babies with a 40% chance of having a stillborn.
Now what?! If caught within the first year of infection, usually can be cured with antibiotic. Later stages require longer treatment. All sex partners of infected person must be contacted regarding infection.
Prevention See your doctor and get tested. You should get checked after each new sexual partner. Talk to your partner about past sexual history and exposure.