Real Stories

“I’m a guy and I think I was sexually abused, but I thought that only happened to girls?”

I was sexually abused by one of my friends when I was young. This was difficult for me to understand. I thought, “how could I have been abused, he is still my friend?” yet I didn’t want him to do those things. Maybe I am gay, but I don’t like guys that way. How could I let this happen? I felt a lot of shame. I took a lot of responsibility for what happened like many victims of sexual abuse do. The freedom came when I was able to say with the help of my pastor that what happened to me was bad, that I didn’t want it. I suddenly realized that this incident caused me to question my manhood. Instead of falling into homosexuality like many people do when their manhood is questioned, I jumped into proving myself as a man in every way possible. This pursuit of affirmation controlled my life. The realization that I was living my life to prove my manhood shocked and broke me. I sat down with a pastor and began to look at all the pain, hurt, rejection that I felt and asked God for freedom. One by one God began bringing to memory people and situations that hurt me and I released them to Him. When the memory and wounds of being sexually abused came I released them to Jesus and at that moment I felt His affirmation and love for me. I have never felt freer in all my life. The pain that used to come from the inside is no longer there. There are times when I get hurt from someone but it no longer comes from the inside so I don’t have to let it question who I am or carry it with me. I am so glad that God is able to take away the things that entangle us as we release them to Him.

Written by Jeff Christoferson, Youth Pastor

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