I led a secret life with an addiction to pornography…

“I led a secret life with an addiction to pornography”

Basically, I was a normal person. I wasn’t someone you’d look at and say, “There’s a pervert.” I had good friends. I led a normal life – except one small but very potent and destructive segment of it that I kept secret and very close to myself and didn’t let anybody know about.

I don’t know why I was so vulnerable to it. All I know is pornography had an impact on me that was central to the development of the violent behavior that I engaged in.

I look at porn as an addiction. You keep craving something that is harder and harder, which gives you a greater sense of excitement, until you reach a point where porn only goes so far. You reach that jumping-off point where you begin to wonder if actually doing it will give you that which is beyond just reading about it or looking at it.

Pornography can reach out and snatch any kid out of any house today.

The most damaging kinds of pornography, and I am talking from hard, real, personal experience, are those that involve violence and sexual violence. The wedding of those two forces, as I know only too well, brings behavior that is just too terrible to discuss.

There are those loose in towns and communities today, people like me, whose dangerous impulses are being fueled day in and out by violence in the media in its various forms, particularly sexualized violence.

There are forces loose in the country, particularly against this kind of violent pornography, where, on the one hand, well-meaning, decent people will condemn the behavior of me while they are walking past a magazine rack full of the very kinds of things that lead young kids down the road to being just like me. That’s the irony.

I’ve lived in prison a long time now. I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me, and without exception every one of them was deeply involved in pornography; without question, deeply influenced and consumed by an addiction to pornography. There’s no question about it.

My name is Ted Bundy.

Story taken from “Parents Guide to Top 10 Dangers Teens Face” by Stephen Arterburn & Jim Burns

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