I lost my virginity at age 14…

“I lost my virginity at age 14”

I slept with a guy. I’d known him for a long time but hadn’t seen him in a while. When we saw each other, we both noticed each other. He was good friends with my older brother, so he’d come over a lot. Every time he came over, we would flirt and talk a lot. My family joked with me and said we like each other but I always denied it. One day, my family went out of town and left me at home. Someone was staying with me, but she didn’t get to my house until late that night. My brother’s friends (like four of them) stayed at the house to look out for me. After everyone left, that one guy came back. We kissed and “messed around,” then he left. But he started calling me. Every time he came over, we would somehow end up alone. We would talk and laugh and kiss. He made a remark about how I should sneak out and come to his house. Being only 14, I thought that would be cool, so one night I did. I didn’t plan on having sex with him, but one thing led to another and I did. I told him I didn’t want to, but he said, “You know you’re going to do it, so would you rather do it with me or would you rather it be someone else?” I thought for a second and still said no, but when he wouldn’t give up I just went for it. I thought I’d end up doing it anyway, so I might as well do it with someone I knew real well. We still talked and were friends, and a few weeks later, I snuck out again and slept with him again. We remained friends for a few weeks, then some people found out, and we stopped talking to each other. I saw him recently when I was out with my friends; I said, “Hi.” He said the same, and then he introduced me to his girlfriend, but not with my name. He called me “Matt’s little sister.” I thought, when do I get my name? When will I stop being the “little sister”? I knew then how shallow and foolish the whole thing was. I deeply regret what I did. I’ve made a promise to myself and God that I’ll never do anything like that again. God has forgiven me, and I’m a spiritual virgin again. Although this is my second virginity, it will be with me until I’m married.


Story taken from “Pure Excitement” by Joe White