Recommended Websites:

Recommended books for Teens:

All are exceptional tools for teens and encouragement in the battle for sexual purity

  • And the Bride Wore White, by Dannah Gresh
  • Pure Excitement, by Joe White
  • Passion & Purity, Elisabeth Elliot
  • Who Moved the Goal Post, by Bob and Dannah Gresh
  • Every Young Man’s Battle, Stephyn Arterburn and Jim Burns
  • The Intimacy Cover-up, by P. Roger and Karen Hillerstrom
    Description: Great book for updating on risky sexual behavior and STDs
  • Why Marriage Matters, by Glen Stanton
    Description: Ever combat the question “What’s wrong with living together?” This book will address this question and give interesting studies to back up why the best sex still happens in a marriage setting


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