What is the FutureImpact program?
 FutureImpact is an abstinence education program that is here to serve you, the teacher. We have been teaching teen sexuality and healthy relationships, with a focus on abstinence since 1997. We serve mainly Skagit County and Stanwood communities but are open to organizations outside these areas upon request.

Our presentations fit into a variety of class subjects. Generally, we are part of HIV/AIDS instruction, health and PE classes as an enhancement to your program. Our desire is to be a resource for you.

How do I find out more information regarding your program?
You can request an information packet either by e-mailing us at: info@futureimpact.org or call (360) 428-4777 for further information. You should receive a packet within one week from date of request.
Why don’t you recommend contraceptives for teenagers?
 Let’s face it. Abstinence is 100% safe against STIs and pregnancy. Condoms may reduce the risk of transmitting some STIs but will not eliminate the risk of all1. Birth control pills have at best a 97-98% success rate in preventing pregnancy, but a 0% success rate in preventing STIs. Why would we teach something that’s less than 100%? Would you teach math techniques that only work only 50% of the time? Or would you teach 85% of the safety measures in a chemistry class and leave 15% room for error? Of course you wouldn’t. We feel the same regarding abstinence in teen relationships. We want to give them the safest way possible.

Do you really believe that teens will listen to this message?

Absolutely! Not only do we believe it, we’ve observed it! After a two-hour presentation we have seen an average of 33% attitude change toward abstinence in the middle and high school. The comments on the students’ evaluations have also told us that they were excited about finally having someone present abstinence instead of “alternative methods”. Some have commented that they are glad to be given a second chance (“do-over”). We feel students believe in this message and are waiting for adults to trust in them enough to encourage it. With this on-going encouragement it will help those teens who chose abstinence to stick to their decision. Besides, research has shown that approximately 54%2 of today’s teens have NEVER had sex.we have found that over 50% of today’s teens are choosing abstinence. Let’s start encouraging the majority!

Isn’t abstinence education just a short-term fix?
Studies have shown that abstinence education aides youth in avoiding risky behavior, thus helping in decreasing STIs and unplanned pregnancies. SEE LINK.
Is FutureImpact in compliance up with the Healthy Youth Act?
According to the Healthy Youth Act, schools may offer presentations on abstinence in a separate session as long as the presentations are preceded or followed with instruction regarding other methods of birth control and disease prevention. FutureImpact is in compliance with the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sex Education  and assures that its presentations are medically and scientifically accurate. 
I heard you offer purity rings to the students after each presentation. Does your program profit from these sales
A 30% discount (through Strauss Jewelers/Mount Vernon) is offered on any purity ring of students’ choice as an option if they so desire. Again, this is totally optional and no sales pitch is given. FutureImpact does not benefit in any way financially from these sales.
What schools have you been in?
Middle School   High School
Allen School   Lucielle Umbarger Anacortes
Anacortes      Mt. Baker Burlington Edison
Bay View   Port Susan (Stanwood) La Conner             
Conway West View Mt. Vernon Christian
Edison Cascade  Sedro Woolley
La Conner  Mt. Vernon Christian Stanwood
La Venture State Street

(Referrals are available upon request)

What is the cost and what does the FutureImpact program include?

There is no charge for our program to schools/organizations presented to. We have dedicated volunteer speakers who believe enough in this program to donate their time. Pretty cool, huh?

See the Teacher Home page of all presentations offered.

How do I schedule a presentation?

There are 3 easy choices!

  1. Use our online request form
  2. E-mail FutureImpact
  3. Contact FutureImpact at 360-428-4777